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WhatsApp Community

The ERA has up a WhatsApp Community for all the chats in Eastbury (incl. Street Chats). You can think of a Community as an umbrella group for several group chats. It changes no familiar functionality of any group you are used to. Learn more here

It makes it easier to know the existence of and join other chats in the neighbourhood. You can only join another chat with the permission of an admin, until then no messages or participant phone numbers are shown.

The ERA is also setting up dedicated chats within this community, for members only, to address:

Those who are members will have received an email on joining the above chats

We are getting as many street chats as possible in Eastbury to join. Note that non-members can still join the overall Community, but not the above dedicated chats until they become an ERA member.

Thank you and please email us if you have questions. 

P.S. If you have passed on your details through the form, it may take a bit of time to add everyone to the ERA member groups

WhatsApp Community FAQs

What is a WhatsApp Community? How does it differ from WhatsApp Group Chats?

A Community is a collection of group chats allowing people to better organise conversations. No Group Chat functionality is lost, you can think of a Community as an umbrella to hold related group chats

Why should I join the Community?

This is a quick and easy entry into several related group chats drawing from a wider pool that you can tailor to your needs, e.g. join the school chat if you have school age children and if you don't you can avoid any conversation relating to it. 

It can also provide an easy way to locate messages, removing scrolling through varied conversations whilst providing a degree of closeness on particular topics. 

Does the ERA control the content?


The non-ERA group chats are organised by their admins. Chats run by the ERA are open dialogues with the only requirement being participants must be ERA members. 

What about privacy? 

All the same privacy of a WhatsApp Group exists within a Community, the only difference is the existence of the chat title will be revealed. This means the role of Group Admin remains the same, only they can add new numbers to the chat. 

Those not a member of the group cannot see any conversations, images or numbers. 

How do I prevent my WhatsApp being spammed with multiple groups?

You can easily drop out of any group chats when no longer required, and rejoin via the Community as needed (again seeking admin approval). This can let you control your group chats and reduce message spam. Similarly, breaking down the chats into topics will let you tailor messages to your preferences, reducing messages on unrelated topics.

Can I add my club/event/school/street chat to the Community? 

Yes, please get in touch with a Community Admin and we can add your chat to the Community. We won't become admins of your personal group chat

Where can I find out more? 

This is a new feature, building on similar aspects of other social media sites. Please read these FAQs from WhatsApp